September 2013: The Tough Mudder

Run for our cause at the British Tough Mudder event in London and have bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Parachute Jump

Its for a good cause. You will need to remember that with nerves of steel as you stand at the door and take that step… out…

As you may have guessed WellFoud is scarred of heights.



Adventure Challenges 

Kilimanjaro Trek – For more information on our most adventurous trek

click here


Fun Run 

our Santa Run was in December.

friends and supporters had a great laugh while getting in the Christmas spirit.

Organise your own

Maybe you think a marathon is too short. Maybe you think jumping out of a plane is for wimps (WellFound does not). What you really want is to organise your own event. Something that you can run yourself and not have to worry about silly rules regarding dress codes or parachutes. If you have an idea we would love to hear from you and you should contact us right away.

To sign up for any of these challenges, please do not hesitate to contact our Events Team on alternatively why not ring our office on 020 7998 7376

Operation WellFoundChallenges!