A new campaign is being launched by over 100 charities in the UK called ‘IF’.

The campaign is simple. Through changing ‘land grab’ ideas and tax avoidance as well as lobbying for more transparency in government funding of Third World countries (like we asked questions about with DfID) the campaign aims to end world hunger. There was another campaign started in 2005 called ‘Make Poverty History’ and this campaign is in the same vein.

So far signed up are UNICEF, Christian Aid, Tearfund. Also, we at WellFound are now to be counted amongst these proud institutions. We need your help to ensure that the millions who go hungry every year do not continue to do so.

The campaign is backed by such public figure as Desmond Tutu and Bill Gates and has the makings, at this early stage, of being a great success. Rather than quick fixes it is looking to change the route causes of poverty and hunger as well as the machinations which make it so difficult to combat. It will not be a quick fix, but it may be an effective one.



Operation WellFoundIf