Guinea Bissau



We have built 14 wells in Guinea Bissau and 34 toilets. On the map above the Well Projects are in Blue and the Sanitation Projects are in Brown, just click on the numbers to see what we are doing in that area. White markers represent projects which we have yet to finnish and are in progress.  Guinea Bissau is a country which is greatly affected by climate change. With no point of the country being above 500 feet the landscape has a very low water table making it very difficult to build wells to an effective depth.

The names of the Villages and communities in which we work are Nhacra, Lendem Sao Paulo, Sao Moses, Nhacra Bondade, Cabulo Estrada, Cabulol Belanta, Prabis Prat, Lendem Gran kuta, Co Balanta, Ilonde, Nhomo Socato and Quendeva.

It is difficult to find out exactly how many poeple we have helped with our projects as exact records of the populations of each village are seldom kep. However we estimate given the average size of the average village in Guinea Bissau we have helped over two thousand people have ready access to clean drinkable water.



Senegal has a large rural populations who live in communities that are smaller and more remote than other more densely populated areas. these communities tend to be smaller in size as well (around 200) and so are often overlooked by larger NGO’s.

Many of the Projects are on the border or just over. This is because due to the delicate political situation they are left to their own devices and not helped by their governments.

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