The Times They Are A Changing

It seems to WellFound that the world nowadays is in a state of flux. New people replace old in jobs, new political policies by governments and new technology supposedly making our lives easier.

WellFound is not immune to this of course. We are having a reshuffle in what projects we are doing and who we have working on it. Personnel have changed and adapted and new areas require new help.

It seems that much has changed in the world also. Catholics have a new Pope as of today and Francis I is said to be a slightly more modern man than any of his predecessors. Western Attitudes toward Syria has shifted to where the UK and France has said it will support the rebels. And in Guinea Bissau where WellFound works we will have a parliamentary election on 12 May. It is a ray of hope for a country with such a turbulent history.

So WellFound is here to say that though change is sometimes scary and difficult, it can also be for the better. It is a rebirth of ideas and ways of thinking and we should not resist it.

As the new Pope will no doubt say in Latin:

Renovatio my friends



Operation WellFoundThe Times They Are A Changing