What can £15 do for a person without a source of clean water?

Clean water fundraising

What can £15 do for a person struggling to access a source of clean water? The answer is a lot – in short, it can provide someone with clean water for life.

Consider that for a moment.

What is a modest sum for those of us who take a healthy supply of water for granted, can be a life-changing amount for those in the poorest nations on earth.

Thus the idea for the Leith Hill Challenge was conceived. More a leisurely stroll than a challenge, the principle aim was to raise awareness while raising crucial funds.

 Picture the scene; green, postcard-perfect countryside for miles, and brilliant sunshine illuminating the only elevated point in the locality; Leith Hill. Not bad for a day’s work. A band of twelve (one toddler included), we had set off early on the morning of April 11th. From Windy Gap car park we started along the Woodland Trail, a 4-kilometre circuit suitable for all the family.

The easily-navigated route takes in spectacular countryside and unobstructed views. An 18th-century gothic tower, Leith Hill Tower, sits neatly at the highest point and provides a welcome pit stop among the landscape.

Upon our return to the car park we handed out goody bags and medals to those who had made the effort. With their help we have managed to raise enough funds to change the lives of more than ten people, and we hope it can be an annual event.

Ciarán, WellFound Volunteer

Operation WellFoundWhat can £15 do for a person without a source of clean water?