World Water Day – Help make a difference

A day to celebrate, a day to change, a day to prepare.  #WaterIs Our World

If you think about it, water links to almost everything in the world.

Health. Nature. Urbanization. Industry. Energy. Food. Equality.

On World Water Day, please join us in the global celebration of one of our most precious resources.

This year is very important. It’s the year when we agree on how we want to shape our future. For this future to happen we need water and sanitation. And we need to show that there are many of us who think so.

Please join us by letting the world know what water is to you.


  • Join the World Water Day campaign by taking a piece of paper and writing what water is to you using #WaterIs. Then, take a selfie or a video, tag it with the hashtag and upload it via Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Instagram. Invite your family and friends to do the same.
  • On March 22, watch as everyone’s messages are blasted out simultaneously!

Find out more ways to make a difference

For more ideas on how to get involved or for more information about World Water Day, please contact us:


Operation WellFoundWorld Water Day – Help make a difference