Who we are

Every year dirty water and lack of sanitation kills thousands of people across the world. People are dying needlessly due to lack of basic provisions. At WellFound we are committed to changing and saving lives by providing clean water.

We are a Christian Charity working to bring safe water sources and sanitation to poverty stricken communities in Africa. Working in tandem with local organisations and communities, we promote empowerment as a means out of poverty. We provide the expertise and resources required to construct wells and latrines, whilst ensuring sustainability and ownership through community participation. We implement health and agricultural training to the communities that we work in.

Clean water is the catalyst for change in a community. Join us as we bring change and save lives.

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clean water is a basic right for all

Locations we are working in

In January 2009 we began work in Guinea-Bissau alongside Tearfund, a Christian development charity, following a request from the Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau. Subsequently we have built numerous wells and latrines across the country. In 2014 we opened an office out in Guinea-Bissau employing a team of four members of staff. Amarilio is the country director of Guinea-Bissau and Senegal. He has partnered with us for two years through the Evangelical Church in Bissau and we are pleased to now have him on board as a full time member of staff. Daniel is responsible for educating and training villagers in the areas of agriculture and finance. He will teach the women of the village how to put their new resource; water, to best use. He helps them to develop a three year plan and will continue to assist them as this progresses. He also trains them to sell excess produce and manage finances. Hertumiza is responsible for providing health and sanitation advice to the villages in which we work. She teaches the health benefits of using the latrines as well as keeping records of water related illness. We also employ an Operations Manager, Juao, who will be in charge of the day-to-day running of the projects. In January 2015 work began on the villages of Sao Vicente and Bumal, following with projects in Nsumpte Binar and Quiumbe. We are also installing new wells, latrines and market gardens for communities living on the islands of Caravel, Galinaha, Unhocomo, Carache, and Amette.

Burkina Faso is increasingly affected by climate change and desertification, creating difficulties in accessing previous water sources. Traditionally most of the population get their drinking water from rain collecting devices or from very shallow wells and rivers. The effects of such water sources are huge; they are unreliable and run out quickly, contamination takes place, collection is time consuming and exhausting for women and children. In 2015 we are concentrating on ten villages, all of which are in desperate need of clean, fresh water. We are beginning in the East of Burkina Faso, then will begin to concentrate on another five villages in the West.

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